Yes, this is the scroll you were looking for! The almighty scroll of teleportation will save you, whereas most of the other scrolls won't and some will probably ensure your demise. This is almost always the scroll you hope you're reading when you're down to your last few hp, out of power, surrounded by soldier ants and starving to death.

The uncursed version teleports you to a random location on the level. The blessed version does the same thing, but only if you want to.

The cursed version teleports you to a random location on a different level. Considering what this scroll is usually used for, the cursed version is actually preferable a lot of the time.

Scrolls of teleportation are common enough to make reading random scrolls at the zero-hour an acceptable risk. Nine times out of ten, it seems, I get a scroll of fire, but my lousy NetHack die rolls are renowned around here.

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