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A game played by my high school friends that developed into a philosophical catchphrase. It boils down to a bunch of hyper aggressive but deeply lazy potheads sitting around in a room. If someone gets up or moves out of their seat and you want that seat, take it kiddo. When they complain it is traditional to say, "life is a seat scam". Thereby pointing out that all is random, there is no inherent fairness in the universe, any kind of real decent supreme being would never allow little children to die and so on.

Like all good games that are played constantly it becomes the center of your time. A really good seat scammer moves from just bagging the nice chair when someone has to go to the bathroom to machiavellian tricks to get people out of their chairs, it becomes like chess and an ironman competition, can you hold your bladder? Does he really need you to hand him the remote? Can you get back to your seat in time and so on. Once many people play sometimes the seat scam can be a hastily negotiated doublecross, someone pretends to forget the scam and moves to get out of their seat, you pop up to take it and they jump back down, of course your own seat has been taken in the meantime sucker.

The best seat scams (as with all great hustles and swindles ) are over before the victim even knows what is going on. If the seat scam is constantly practiced you end up in a trance state of stoned superawareness. It's all very late twentieth century.

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