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The ability to know where you are going, both geographically and metaphorically. Some people get lost in their own backyards, while others can navigate through complete wilderness with nothing more than a map. Metaphorically, some people have a very clear life goal and go after it like the clappers, while others just drift or coast through life.

Research suggests that as a general rule, men statistically have a better sense of direction than women. Hence the fact that women don't understand that men can find a place without asking directions.

Some animals are especially gifted with directional abilities. Migratory birds, for example, have a sixth sense that allows them to tell which way is north (there's a small organ in their heads that is sensitive to magnetic fields, such as the Earth's. Unusual things happen around mobile phone towers for birds). They obviously use this in their migrations. Bees' eyes can detect the polarisation of sunlight to similarly determine direction. They also have an incredible memory for landmarks.

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