The lowest rung of employment.

Usually, the first job you get as a teen, to build character.

Usually, the job you get when you first graduate college, so you can take it easy.

Where varicose veins come from.

Pretty much the only job you can get in the French Quarter and most of New Orleans, if you have no skills or are an illegal alien.

The reason smocks, aprons, and name badges were invented.

Proof that we are never, ever, created equal.

One word: Khaki.

Three words: Under The Table.

A job everyone in America should be required to have, to remind us of our humble beginnings.

A position that affects everyone at some point during their day.

The way people supposedly put themselves through college.

The easiest way to sell your soul to corporate America.

A place from which you are elated to never return, once you make something substantial of yourself

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