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Special mode of consumer electronics which allows you to modify special settings which are usually hidden for good reason. Sometimes getting into service mode can be useful or just fun for someone with too much free time on their hands. Service mode is usually entered by using a special key sequence which enters special screens or options.

On most late model Zenith TVs the service mode sequence from the remote is

  • Press and hold MENU until the menu comes up and then dissapears
  • Quickly press 9 8 7 6 ENTER this will bring up an overlay menu with white text on a black background
  • Switch F.Mode from 0 to 1 to open up more options in this menu, which is navigated using the up/down move buttons on the remote
  • When done changing settings change F.Mode back to 0 or the TV will be unable to switch off using the power button.

On the Sharp MD-MT15 MiniDisc portable and possibly other Sharp MD models

  • Press Play while holding down Enter/Sync and Display
  • The screen should display the ROM version, go black, and then say "TEST"
  • Press Bass to enter the test menus, pressing track back and track forward will change the option and play will select it
  • Doing AUTO1 followed by NORMAL will show hex addresses of the disc while playing and change the VU Meter to an Anti-Shock buffer meter.

Note that some of the options in service mode were never intended to be used outside of the factory or repair centers. Changing things you don't know about could result in irreperable damage to your equipment, BE CAREFUL, write down all original settings in case you mess something up.

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