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Objectively speaking, they are a type of cookie/cracker -- the shape and consistency of cracker -- thin, square, crispy, but a bit too sweet to not qualify as cookie. Google shows me places that sell them as "retro candy" and even in vegan form. It seems there are chocolate ones and perhaps other varieties, though the simplicity of what is basically just thin sandwiches of sesame seeds held together with honeylike glue would be spoilt, I think, by flavoring.

I only know them as "Louck's sesame snaps", though on the package there is no apostrophe. The ingredients are listed as sesame seeds, sugar and glucose, which I will readily concede is nothing special.

But these things are insanely good. I cannot in any way do justice to their gently chewy/crunchy, not-too-sweet-and-not-too-nutty goodness. I can say, however, that they are rather what I always thought lembas bread would taste like, though a tad more luxurious. Maybe "good" lembas bread, the kind they sell in Rivendell coffee shops.

I've never heard of it before this week. I bought it for fifty cents a single-serving package at Cost Plus World Market. It says " Product of Poland" on it. I'm worried I might have fallen in love with it.

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