Sheer aesthetic pleasure is what you get if your sensory input alone (this does not include sex or the stimulation of sensitive body parts) makes you feel mental pleasure. Things like good music, a sunset, the starry sky out in the country, some tight code, a work of art, or other such things can induce sheer aesthetic pleasure. It is actually far beyond the abilities of meer language to describe sheer aesthetic pleasure. You just have to experience it.

Definitely one of my favorite experiences. I think this sould be an official emotion, in fact. There's just not much that matches a beautiful painting, a good panel of manga, or an exceptional aria in termbs of enjoyment for me. I'm pretty certain such experiences even release endorphins in my brain.

Also, my excuse for my appreciation of the female form.

This is what powers the artsy-fartsy. You don't know so much why it's so cool, but you know it is.

The words "I don't get it" can often be heard escaping the mouths of those unacquainted with sheer aesthetic pleasure. To these people, there is nothing you can say to convince them that there is nothing to get, and if they wished, they could just relax and enjoy. This applies to weird art, music, poetry, theater, dance, and other creative human expressions.

This is the pleasure derived from witnessing the easthetically beautiful, whether it be of sight or sound.

Sights that often fall into this category include sunsets where the red glow of the sun is reflected from the fleecy clouds floating serenely in the azure blue of the evening sky, art that evokes neither memories nor nostalgia but for it's own grace and style creates new memories belonging to it alone, or the surf rolling up the shore with the waves breaking and foam roiling up to kiss the sand before being pulled once more back into the sea.

Sounds that can invoke this feeling include the laughter of children as they play without any cares of the world at large, the sound of a cat purring contentedly as it lies in a pool of warm summer sunlight, a piano concerto by Mozart or Bach played well and with much artistry and joy by the artist, the sound of a gentle spring rain as it patters softly upon the patio awning until late into the night.

None of these will be pleasing to everyone, and neither will they always be pleasing, but it is my pleasant memories of such and looking forward to experiencing more of the same that keeps me sane.

These are my Happy Thoughts.

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