A unit of measure. Typically a very large quantity of something. Not a very formal unit, but hey, it works.

The exact amount of a "shitload" varies widley between context and culture. Here is the breakdown:

Standard English Shitload = 1007
Metric Shitload = 1000
Baker's Shitload = 1008
Binary Shitload = 1024

of course there's the matter of how many shitloads in a buttload, or a fuckload:
Standard English: Fuckload = 4 Buttloads = 8 Shitloads
Metric: Fuckload = 10 Buttloads = 100 Shitloads
Baker's: Fuckload = 5 Buttloads = 9 Shitloads
Binary: Fuckload = 1024 Buttloads = 1048576 Shitloads

I hope this ends some confusion.

Update 8/27/01:
Apparently there is some confusion as was recently addressed by the noble mblase as to where "assload" fits into this schema. Using interpolation of modern slang one could easily assume that one assload would be equivilent to one buttload. However further research into this subject has found that "assload" is actually a term with pre-C.E. origins, to a time when the term "ass" was used refer to a beast of burden. Hence, the assload was equivilent to what could be carted around by a single ass. Much like a cubit (a term refering to the length the forearm) this measure is inexact, and has passed into obscurity.

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