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This is for those of you out there who like to live on the edge or are really stupid or high or a combination of the three. Well whatever combination you are you can be sure that you'll likely end up dead. But hey, it's all good.

First get yourself a shotgun and some shells.

Next remove the bb's or buck shot from the shells and carefully replace them with a good amount of your favorite weed.

Load the weed shells into the shot gun.

This next step may prove to be the trickiest of them all but well worth it if you are a complete retard or in need of a good high.

Find a small rodent and strap a toothpick to its back. Pat it on the ass and make it run. This is in no way associated with a shotgun bong but hey might as well do something crazy, life's short, you know?

Back to the shotgun bong. Place the mouth of the barrell into your mouth (praise redundancy), and then.. realize how stupid the entire concept is and spend an hour getting your weed back out of the shells and into a bong filled with honey dew melon juice.

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