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The time that a planet takes to orbit the Sun.

Since the distance that a planet is from the Sun and its orbital speed is different for every planet, this value is different for each planet.

Planet    Sidereal period  Average orbital speed
Mercury     88.0 days        47.9 km/s
Venus      224.7 days        35.0 km/s
Earth      365.3 days        29.8 km/s
Mars       687.0 days        24.1 km/s
Jupiter     11.86 years      13.1 km/s
Saturn      29.46 years       9.6 km/s
Uranus      84.01 years       6.8 km/s
Neptune    164.8 years        5.4 km/s
Pluto      247.7 years        4.7 km/s
To clarify, the days/years mentioned in the table as a measure of sidereal period are Earth days, not the day length for the specific planet.

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