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The signs of a true master. I speak for fencing, mostly, but I think these signs apply across all boundaries - to the physical or the mental.

  • A minimum of movement. The master is no faster, dextrous, or intelligent than you. He simple knows _exactly_ where to be, and where he wants to go...
  • Mastery of the mental aspects. The true master (at least in fencing) can win against an opponent without ever using any tricks or great strategy. They simply know, exactly, what the opponent's weak points are. They can psych that opponent out, without ever doing any sort of real action.
  • Variety. The true master knows every trick in the book. He pulls 'em when you least expect it. He can win entire tournaments simply by using tricks.
  • Maturity. The true master is mature. He loses gracefully, even to the newest newbie. He handles blatantly incompetent referee-ing without flinching.
  • Mentoring. The true master is also a mentor. He shares his knowledge, because it is second nature to him. He teaches and guides others. He will support his close pupils in any way possible.

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