1. A common distribution format of an alcoholic beverage known as "beer." A six pack contains six containers, usually cans or bottles, of beer. 2. An informal name for the Champaign residence halls at UIUC. Ye who coined this name must've been intoxicated, as the complex actually consists of eight buildings.

Six pack is also a slang term for a well defined abdomen, which includes the rectus abdominis, external oblique and intercostal muscles.

Select one or two of the exercises from exercises for the abdominals. You don't really need more than one or two and you don't need to do them more than two or three times a week at most. If you do you risk hurting yourself more than you benefit yourself.

Next comes the very true adage of "Six packs are not made in the gym, they are made in the kitchen".

To be perfectly honest, your muscles barely need any definition to look like the abs of those people with "washboard abs". They simply have almost no body fat. To get a six pack, you need to reduce your body fat to around 8% if you are male, or 14% if you are female. The way to do this is with regular aerobic exercise and a diet wherein you burn more calories than you take in. Eating a large amount of protein, say 40%, is recommended.

The reason the average USAmerican citizen isn't going to be appearing on the cover of a health magazine is because of their diet.

A caveat on gimmick exercise machines: Some work, most don't. If they really do follow the rules in terms of exercising the muscle groups they claim to, then absolutely they'll work, but almost none do this. Regardless of what those machines do, none of them top simple crunches, and nothing tops simple crunches like a combination of simple ab exercises and a healthy diet. The abdominals are more like an accordian than a hinge. Bearing that in mind, don't trust exercise machines that treat them like a hinge.

Of course, to all the zen masters out there, this node is worthless, since they are at peace with themselves and don't care to change their appearance.

In volleyball, six pack is slang for when a defender gets smashed in the face with a spiked ball. The term was originally used in beach volleyball during the 1960s and today the term has spread into indoor arenas and all levels of competition everywhere. Apparently back then it was proper volleyball etiquette for the spiker to buy the defender a six pack of beer to relieve the pain of a rearranged face. Some people today have taken the reverse stance and think the defender should buy the spiker the beer as some sort of reward.

Six packs can occur either when a defender is trying to dig a ball in the backcourt or when the defender is trying to block the spike at the net. They generally happen either because a) the defender was not paying attention or b) the defender assumed the spike was going to end up anywhere but their face and couldn't recover in time. The best way to protect against a six pack is to watch the direction the volleyball is travelling and the arm swing of the spiker to get an estimate of where the ball will go. This gets harder the faster the ball is spiked and even professional volleyball players get whacked in the face occasionally.

Receiving a six pack generally bruises the ego more than the face. Gentler spikes will merely result in a stinging face and much laughter while high velocity spikes will give the recipient a pretty red face and perhaps a bloody nose. Sometimes the force of the strike is enough to knock the defender to the ground, in this case the incident is referred to as a "twelve pack" (more pain requires more beer!).

Six packs are also called a facial or a Mikasa tattoo (Mikasa is a volleyball manufacturer).

Personal six pack experience

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