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Reference Books, Psychology, Popular Music, Technical theater, and Library science and whatever else happens to catch my eye
Citrus College| E2 Mentor,
Never stop changing | "If you can't convince them confuse them" and "Curiosity may have killed the cat, but Procrastination will kill the bird"
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I like to help newbies! So if you are new or know of someone who is new I want to help! Confusedalot's homenode is full of goodies we should all keep up with. Check out wertperch's homenode and scroll down to all his newbie goodies. They are all excellent! If anyone knows other helpful lists, let me or confusedalot know. Thanks!

I do random, unsolicited node audits and vote tags. Do not be surprised if you receive several blabs from me one day. I try to be as gentle as possible and I rarely downvote. I usually ask you about the problem first, and if you cannot fix the problem, then it will be downvoted.

Who is skybluefusion?

"Forgetful? I don't remember being forgetful..."

My mommy say's I'm special. (Of course she did say that right after I ran into a tree so I'm not sure if "special" is a good thing or not.)

All kidding aside:

I'm a 24 year old female from Southern California. Well I should say my birthday is April 3, 1981, because I am not very good at keeping my homenode updated. I am taking classes through my local community college. I use Everything2 as a study tool. Adding my new found knowledge as I go.

"Forgetful? I don't remember being forgetful..."

Meet my new pets: Harmony, Kit and unnoficially Radar and Dawggy among others.
Anyone else want to be my little projects? :P
I love to help! No question is stupid. No question too easy or too hard. If I don't know I'll help you find the answer (or at least the right person to ask). ;)

I will do votetags/node audits. Anyone. I tend to do them anyways, unsolicited, of people who catch my eye. If you want every single one of your write-ups read by me, let me know. It might take me a while but I'll read them all and offer any and all feedback I can. =) Anyone, newbie to god. Don't matter to me.








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