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Sleeping in the nude is a uniquely personal decision. Most people grow up with parents who insist they wear proper pajamas to sleep in; many don't get introduced to the joys of sleeping naked until they have their first sleepover with a lover.

Reasons to Sleep in the Nude

It's sensual

If you've got a set of very good sheets -- say, satin, or high thread-count cotton -- the best way to really enjoy them is with your whole body sans the tactile interference of pajamas. Ooo, smooth and soft!

It's more comfortable

Even if you get extra-large PJs, they can feel binding. Some pajamas, particularly flannel ones, can stick to sheets and you can get all twisted up in the bedclothes. Sleeping nude gives some people a sense of comfort and freedom that helps them sleep better.

It's cooler

In the summer, sometimes it gets so hot you can't bear the thought of even the most minimal pajamas. So don't wear 'em!

It makes you feel closer to your honey

If you're sleeping with that special someone, nothing compares to skin-to-skin contact. And if you're going awaken to make the sign of the beast with two backs four times in the night, PJs are just a complication.

You're a nudist

Well, if you don't wear clothes during the day, why would you at night? Silly monkey.


Reasons to Reconsider Sleeping in the Nude

You feel exposed

Some people can't get comfortable if they're not wearing PJs; they feel vulnerable without clothing, and don't sleep well as a result.

You're not alone in the house

Maybe you're crashing on a friend's sofa. Maybe your mom is bad about barging into your room to get the dirty clothes on Sunday mornings. In any case, if you're living with people you'd rather didn't see you naked, wearing pajamas is the best preventative.

You might have to get outside in a hurry

If your fire alarm went off, or if the UPS guy showed up at the crack of dawn with your new computer, how quickly could you wake and fumble on some clothes? If you wear PJs, you can simply throw off the sheets and run downstairs.

You (or your sweetie) sweat a lot

Nothing destroys the comfortable, cuddly lull of falling asleep on your sweetie's chest like waking up with an earful of sweat. Ack! Likewise, pajamas are simpler to wash than having to change your sheets every single day.

It's cold

When the temperature drops, even if you've got piles of warm blankets on your bed ... there's still the dreaded run to the bathroom in the morning. Wearing PJs means there's less of a shock to your system when you get out of bed.

You've got cats

Cats are curious, and they hate closed doors. They'll eventually get into your bedroom at night one way or another. And they like to play with wibbly things that flop out of the sheets. If the wibbly thing is part of your anatomy, I guarantee you don't want the cat batting at it or licking it. Pajamas are the best course of action here.

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