Newcomers to golf, bless their souls, are typically responsible for slow play. Here's an example: I just finished a 5 hour round last saturday. I can finish a round of golf in 3.5 hours, typically. This means that for 1.5 hours, I sat around and waited for the group in front of me to take their head out of their ass, one after the other. I watched in horror as all of them shot 9s on virtually every hole.

The worst part was that the group directly in front of us wasn't solely responsible for this golf atrocity. There were 4 other groups in front of them, all playing just as horribly (so playing through would have no net effect).

I emplore you, if you suck at golf, don't take it so seriously. You suck! Who cares! Have fun hitting the ball, and when you do hit a good shot, revel in it. Don't be surprised if you still get a 9 on the hole. Who cares? You suck! Without practice (lots of it), you'll suck for your entire life. So either practice, and stop sucking, or play bad but fast. When I see someone who sucks take 6 practice swings on every shot, and every shot they hit still sucks, I have an ever-building urge to kill.

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