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The term used to describe adventures had by someone of high social/economic standing, while purposely subjecting themselves to a lower social/economic environment. Go to a Big Lots and you'll experience it.

This doesn't just apply to high society types. Anyone who compromises their morals, scruples, or what have you can be referred to as 'slummin' it'.

For example, I play a lot of Street Fighter (all versions). I consider myself a Capcom loyalist, but when I do stoop to playing a round of Tekken, or Mortal Kombat, or... God forbid, Battle Arena Toshinden, I'm always sure to make it known to my colleagues that I am indeed, slumming.

I also make it a point to play them all with one hand, drunk, so as to make it easier on them. The fact that I still win doesn't seem to be helping their fragile gaming egos so much though...

Slum"ming, vb. n.

Visiting slums.


© Webster 1913.

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