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A type of swimming in which one wears a mask and snorkel in order to a) see stuff underwater clearly, and b) breathe without having to lift one's face out of the water. People who are snorkeling also usually wear swim fins on their feet, which reduces the effort it takes to move through the water.

You can use snorkeling as a way to locate things that have accidentally fallen in the water, or examine the underside of your boat. But really, the best use of snorkeling is as a form of underwater sightseeing. Coral reefs are wonderful places to snorkel, since there is plenty to marvel at: interesting coral formations, brightly colored fish, and other creatures like octupi and squid. Be sure to use plenty of sunscreen on your butt!

While snorkeling, it is possible to dive well below the surface of the water. This will make the snorkel fill with water. That's OK -- when you get back to the surface and have your head out of the water, lift your chin and blow out through your mouth. Tilting your head back means it will take less effort to blow the water out of the snorkel.

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