In the local office of a telephone company, there sits a big switchboard that can have thousands of lines connected to it. Each line runs to a house in the local office's service area. If you're planning to explain how this is not always true in states such as Michigan, then go get a life instead. For convenience, the actual connections sit exposed to the air, so that they can be made and broken with simple wire punchers. This switchboard usually needs to sit untouched and unattended for up to months at a time, in certain static communities.

However, it also needs to be resitant to the elements. After buying a few hundred of these switchboards, phone companies noticed that in certain areas, morning dew could create short circuits across some of the connectors, denying service to the respective customer. Rather than spend thousands of dollars apiece for new switchboards, snot caps were proposed as a solution.

A snot cap is a piece of black plastic shaped like a thimble, with a little post sticking out of the head. The body of the 'thimble' is filled with the same icky substance that Creepy Crawlers were made out of. Sticking a snot cap over each connection eliminated the dew problem. They were also fun to stick your little finger into, to play with the goop.

Snot caps were the only fun thing about working for the phone company.

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