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I'm shocked. As many posts as there are about the amount of drinking that goes on at Michigan Tech, not one has mentioned the single event that accounts for most of the binge drinking that goes on there. This event is the snow statue that occurs during Winter Carnival.

First, a little background. There are two different categories, the first is a month long statue where enormous and very intricate statues are constructed. The statues are built little by little using wooden forms to create a block of snow which is then carved away to produce some shape. All of the work culminates the night before judging takes place at the same time that the next category of statues is begun. These are the all-nighter statues. While not as elaborate as the month long statues, some end up very creative, although there is always the one fraternity or house in the dorms that creates a phallus symbol which is then immediately torn down by the judges. During the all nighter, there is a frenzy of slushing. freezing, and carving while month long and all-nighter participants try to finish their statues in time.

The binge drinking that was previously mentioned takes place during the all-nighter, where some people are working on statues, a few others are working at chili booths or the pancake breakfast (sponsored by the ROTC detachment at MTU). However, the majority of the people remaining are out getting falling down drunk (some of which are also working on the statues). I am amazed every year that some statue doesn't come toppling down when somebody who has had way too much alcohol decides that they need to change something at the very top of the sculpture and end up knocking the scaffolding down around it. Never the less, on the day of judging, the campus is dotted with snow statues large and small, great not so great. They range from simple objects to elaborate scenes that include people, window panes made of ice, and links of chain made from snow. If you want to see some of these statues, check out the winter carnival page at www.mtu.edu

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