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The X-files

Soft Light
Episode: 2X23
First aired:05/05/95
Written by: Vince Gilligan
Directed by: James Contner

Such a cool episode!

A business man is apparently dragged into the floor when he makes contact with a man’s shadow. A black circle of ash is left in place. The shadow man, Dr. Chester Banton, panics and rushes down the hall.

Scully agrees to help Detective Kelly Ryan, a former student of hers, on these apparent abductions. Mulder notices the strange smudge on the carpet the was also found on the other two crime scenes.

Mulder and Scully notice that the second victim came in on the same train that this last victim did. They instruct Ryan to sent police to the train station where the two officers encounter Banton. Banton warns them to stay away. However, they approach him and are vaporized when they touch his shadow.

Mulder, while watching the train station tapes, notices Banton and sees a logo for Polarity Magnetics - where the first victim worked - on his jacket.

They go to Polarity and meet Dr. Davey, who says Banton has been missing for five weeks after suffering from an accident experimenting with dark matter using a particle accelerator. Davey shows Mulder and Scully that during the experiment, Banton’s shadow was burned onto the wall in a similar fashion to the burns at the crime scenes.

At the train station, Mulder observes that the soft light used casts no shadow. They find Baton and corner him, but under regular light. Before Scully can step on Banton’s shadow, Mulder shoots out the lights.

They put Banton in a psychiatric hospital where he tells them that his shadow is like a black hole, reducing matter into pure energy. He says the government is after hi so they can perform experiments.

The police want to move Banton to the county jail. Mulder asks X for help but he refuses saying that he was exposed to Scully and Skinner before and doesn’t want to put himself in jeopardy.

However, that night at the hospital, X shows up with two ‘paramedics’ saying he’s there to transfer Banton. Emergency lights flicker on and the two men are vaporized and X allows Banton to flee.

Banton returns to Polarity and asks Davey to help him destroy the thing the government was after.

Ryan finds Banton and tries to stop him and Banton reluctantly steps forward so she touches the shadow and disappears.

Banton, when locked in the chamber, realizes that Davey is part of the conspiracy. Davey begins to call his bosses but a shot rings out and wee see X’s face through the small window in the chamber.

Mulder and Scully find a videotape showing Banton in the chamber disappearing but Mulder knows something happened. He accuses X of using him to find Banton and X stresses that he did not kill Banton.

At Ryan’s funeral, Mulder tells Scully that Davey is missing. Elsewhere, X talks to a scientist talking about studying Banton. We see Banton hooked up to electrodes being subjected to flashing white light.

Important Quotes:
Mulder -- "Hey Scully, can you spare a prophylactic?"

Scully -- "Darkness covers a multitude of sins."
Mulder -- "Check this out. My newest tool in the fight against crime. $49.95 at your local hardware store."
Scully -- "Neat trick. For your birthday I'll buy you a utility belt."

Scully -- "...Nonsensical repetitive behavior is a common trait of mental illness."
Mulder -- "You trying to tell me something?"

Mulder -- "...He believes the government is out to get him."
X -- "It's tax season. So do most Americans."

Mulder -- "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you, Scully."

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