Name found on an ATX computer power supply.

MODEL: SPX-250C/2.01

Judging by the serial number (9809L128923), this particular unit lived for less than three years. There is no evidence that this power supply actually uses any energy from the Sun, as is probably quite obvious from the fact that it was located inside of a case with no exposure to any sort of light. Perhaps this is what amuses me the most about it's name.

I will continue my quest to determine just what it is that makes up a great name for a power supply.

Solar power is a sustainable alternative to environmentally destructive energy production such as burning coal or natural gas.

Energy from sunlight is collected by a solar panel and stored in a battery.

Solar Power

The principle of photovoltaic power (converting light into electricity) was discovered in 1836 when it was found that sunlight striking a surface emits electrons. With positive and negative poles a DC current could be obtained. With the development of solar cells and solid state electronics, solar power generators have become reliable alternatives to the power grid. These can be stand-alone systems, such as are currently in use to power entire hospitals in Zaire and remote archeological digs, or they can be portable.

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