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As Winamp is associated with AOL, Sonique is associated with the Lycos Networks. It has an incredibly sleek interface (although it does take some getting used to) and excellent MP3 playback. In the metrics that matter to MP3 players, the CPU consumption is massive compared to Winamp's relatively spartan usage. I prefer it over Winamp for general quality, as I generally have the CPU to spare. Sonique's WMA engine does not seem to be advanced as Winamp's or WMP's. The audio control is more advanced and Sonique definately has greater EQ control than Winamp. An impressive feature is the ability to play in three different sizes of window, but it is generally less Windows-y than Winamp, for better or for worse (no system-try minimization, no other cute little Windows integrations).

There seems to be a larger array of plug-ins and skins for Winamp than Sonique, as it is by far the more popular player. Sonique is only available for the Windows platform.

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