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  1. Orbital debris from spacecraft, like nuts, bolts, coca-cola cans, and cigarette butts. OR, what we left up there because we couldn't find the right voltage adapter. Space Trash comes in all shapes and sizes and threatens the very lives of all those brave people who go up into space and twiddle their thumbs instead of getting on some Venusian hot chick.
  2. Although, I put forth that perhaps we should be proud: as the only species to fuck up things outside our planet's atmosphere. :)
  3. Hopefully, one day we will be able to do all of our nuclear testing on Mars, and have oil spills on asteroids!
  4. Also, the reason for Greenpeace to become color-neutral, and spend some money on rafts in space to picket the international space station.
  5. (usage: person) Space trash doesn't always need a space-trailer to get on COPS and embarass every living thing in the UNIVERSE!!!!
  6. picked up one piece at a time by the stupid freaking arm on the space shuttle.

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