Slang originating either from Valley-girl lingo or yuppie business doubletalk during the cocaine-fueled 80's and immortalized in films such as The Breakfast Club, St. Elmo's Fire, and Wall Street.

Often given in its abbreviated form, "spare me".

Used when one does not need or want to know the background story to an event or occurrence. When one utters "spare me the details", one generally means, I do not want to give this matter any more attention or, in keeping with the aggressive nature of the phrase, shut up and go away.

Conversely when the words "spare me..." are used in tandem with a need, eg. money or time (spare some change, could you spare a few minutes, could you spare a smoke), an opposite definition of "spare me" holds; here we find it appearing as a plea for charity or begrudging attention of some sort.

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