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A persona that was born during my elementary school years, and fostered by the chilling cruelty of children.

As she grows, she just gets harder.

She likes to talk with my soft voice; it's incongruous, which pleases her.

She thinks pain is laughable because she never needed anyone. Love is illusory. Faith is a crutch. We're all animals; would you like to see an animal? Get it over quickly, I won't be here for long. Quit giving me that dumbfounded look. I don't want you to talk. Let's keep this basic.

I never asked or begged or promised anything.

I like her. She isn't catty. She's very good in a fight. She's a sexual demon. She has no weaknesses. She won't tolerate them.

But I feel much better now that I'm not trying to perfectly fill her steel-toed boots anymore.

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