This is really the source of the problem you see around you and scratch your head saying, "How did this happen?." Folks ask, "How could a man like Bill Clinton risk blah, blah, blah... " The answer is, he was spoiled rotten as a kid. He was raised by two whores who fought over each other to give him everything they could afford to give him, and they never told him he'd done anything wrong. Ever.

A lot of kids are helped out in this regard by their peers, who will beat the ever-loving crap out of them every day on the playground until they get a clue about their behavior. However, there are still plenty who sneak through the cracks of that safety net by being a slick-talking weasel. Such a one is Mr. Bill. I know folks who grew up with him, and the consensus among them all is that none of them can remember a time a hand was ever laid on the little politician.

If you grow to be a man, and you've never had your ass whipped real good, something is wrong. Either your mommy or daddy didn't love you very much, or you were such a loser that you had no social interaction as a kid, or you were fodder for the highest office in the land.

This trend seems to have started with the evil Dr. Spock back around the time I was born. Not much has changed, and now we've got so many spoiled brats running around, from the ages 0 - 50, that it gives me serious concern for our entire nation.

Anyway, if some of you on here think that some folks on-line are being too mean to you sometimes, it may be just because they love you and aren't close enough to you to lay their hands on you to give you that ass beating you so desperately need. Maybe it's just the best they can do, in the situation.

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