The name of Handspring's Visor's expansion module. The magic that is a springboard is derived from the fact that it is truely plug n' play. Not only does a module have hardware, but it also has all the software necessary to make the hardware work onboard the module. All in all, it is an example of good design and is very cool.

Given their unique design, springboards are one of the greatest assets AND liabilities of the Handspring Visor. I believe that the specification is an open one, and if some other design (Apple!) also used it, it would help adoption / development.

It boils down to a chicken and egg problem...When there were major problems getting the Visors made and sent out the door, there was really no market for the springboards: development plans may have slipped at that time. Now there are no problems shipping Visors, but a real dearth of springboards is making the choice of an esoteric standard (vs, say, compact flash like the TRGpro) seem foolish.

I wish they would jumpstart the open-source / hacking community with software examples and a CHEAP (cost +$5) "expansion" board that could be used to easily interface with the Visor. I'd use the latter for prototyping instruments, interactive displays, programming chips in the field, accessing the microphone, and a ton of other uses.

It will never happen.

Spring"board` (?), n.

An elastic board, secured at the ends, or at one end, often by elastic supports, used in performing feats of agility or in exercising.


© Webster 1913.

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