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Love develops, there are stages. Relationships do not necessarily go through every one of these stages, but they never come out of order. Love, in this context, can appear between two heterosexuals of the same sex. (This love does not necessarily translate to procreation.)
1. Stranger- Someone said that we should love everybody. Starting by being everyone's friend.
2. Attraction- There is an attraction, and mystery plays a large part. Unfortunately, a lot of relationships never get beyond this stage. AKA Flirt, Physical.
3. Commitment - What a lot of people seem to be afraid of. Can be brought about by time or marriage.
4. Unconditional - When a person loves another person soley because they do. When love needs no reason. When people love one another for the sake of love. Sometimes, though, people forget that they love purely for love and they think they've fallen out of love.

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