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The world is full of sticky things: food, bodily secretions, toothpaste, glue. A sticky idiot is a person whose intelligence is below the minimum level needed to successfully navigate among these substances (the sticky threshold). Consequently they are always sticky from their most recent accident. Sticky idiots are typically covered with random garbage that gets stuck to them as they wander around: newspapers, houseplants, curious insects, unlucky travelers. When the rate at which a sticky idiot picks up material exceeds the rate at which it naturally sheds, a sticky idiot snowball results. A sad sight, blindly wandering the streets, moaning incoherently (sticky idiots are not typically capable of language), helplessly bumping into freshly painted walls and vats of molasses. Eventually its weight forces the snowball to come to rest. The final result is a sticky idiot mountain, melancholy monument to an abysmal intellect.

Also, the term is useful to reproach someone for having spilled juice all over the front of their shirt. Or just as a general-purpose insult, to tell someone, "You’re not just stupid, you’re below the sticky threshold!"

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