The stiffy is also a skateboarding and snowboarding trick. It is so called because you must stiffen your body, and it can also resemble the male member at its peak of excitement.

To do this trick get some air off a jump and do an indy. Next bring your legs up so they are (roughly) parallel with the ground. Fully extend your legs as if stretching. This requires some stretching/gymnastic ability. When you are going to land bend your knees and return to your normal stance.

(a) Slang word for an erect penis, used as a noun. The British equivalent of 'boner'.

(b) In wakeboarding, a technique of intermediate difficulty where the rider extends his/her legs after the board passes over the crest of a wake, bringing the board forward.

(c) In South Africa, a stiffy is a slang word for a 3½ inch floppy disk.

Non-South Africans can get some wry amusement in reading South African technical manuals or discussion fora, viz:

When I insert a stiffy it tells me to format stffy. It cant format stiffy. I changed stiffies & a: drives.. ..stil same problem. Help please!!!

To make a Logos Backup, insert a stiffy, open Logos and go to Tools, Backup System Files.
STFW = S = stir-fried random

stiffy n.

3.5-inch microfloppies, so called because their jackets are more rigid than those of the 5.25-inch and the (now totally obsolete) 8-inch floppy. Elsewhere this might be called a `firmy'. For some odd reason, several sources have taken the trouble to inform us that this term is widespread in South Africa.

--The Jargon File version 4.3.1, ed. ESR, this entry manually entered by rootbeer277.

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