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Small glass containers with an amount of Ammonium Sulfide in them. Break the glass and the chemical dissolves in the air, leaving a nasty scent. Just don't get the stuff on you. Whatever you do, don't, don't accidentally drink the stuff. If you do, drink some diluted vinegar and vegetable oil prior to speeding to the emergency room.

I invented this as a prank for the end of session one CTY Lancaster 2001.

Vitamin Spray Stink Bomb

Needed ingredients:

One small spray bottle (mine was a candy spray bottle, but any small spray bottle would work)

One to five solid organic nutritional supplement tablets. (Organic because they have concentrated nasty in them) ex. Concentrated wheat grass, alfalfa, parsley, rose hips and kelp. Plus 10,400 IUs of concentrated fish liver oil per tablet. The brand I used was Vit-Min 75+, and it contains all these disgusting and smelly things.

One hard, cylindrical implement. (I used an empty glass soda bottle.)

One cup (two if you plan on straining) that you wouldn't mind never using again

One strainer (If you have one.)

  1. Grind the tablets to as fine of a powder as you can get them using your cylindrical object.
  2. Pour your nasty-smelling powder into the cup and mix in some water.
  3. Stir for 1-2 minutes being careful not to spill any (I accidentally spilled some of this in my dorm room and the smell wasn't gone after the three days I stayed there.)
  4. Strain the concoction from one cup to the other and get rid of any chunks
  5. Pour the liquid death into your spray bottle and shake.
  6. If you're extremely sadistic, allow it to stagnate for up to five days.
  7. Enjoy with care. This really is liquid death in a spray form.

I used this stuff very successfully as a prank and, in one accidental case, as a weapon. The smell goes away after washing, but until then whoever was sprayed will not be smelling pretty. Also, try telling someone that what you have in your bottle is a conglomerate of all the vitamins they will need for the day (you wont be lying). Spray a couple shots into his/her mouth and watch them retch.

As one taste-tester said "It smells like soy but it tastes like shit!"

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