They've got the right idea here, in the San Jose area. With street signs that is.

My friend is driving me down his neighbourhood. I look up and I see a street sign. Nice and large. The fact that I could read it was not amazing part. That is pretty amazing in and of itself. The thing is, it was not at the corner of the intersection, on top of some pole, easily blocked by trees. No, it was hanging from the street light! Yes, right there in front of you. No need to look left and right and squint to see it. Just look slightly up and there it is. And you shall know where you are.

I was so touched, even though I was not the one driving. There are people who actually want you to know exactly where you are. They care. They want you to find your way. Even if you've lived there all your life, it should still be easy for you. Some of them actually light up at night! And spread rays of comfort and assurance to motorists finding their way home.

I'm telling you dude, it's almost socialist!.

Socialist in its intent, not in implementation, that is.

I just realized that hanging the street sign allows you to see it from a greater distance. Which is really cool if you're looking for that street.

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