That which holds things together. Mostly noticeable by its absence. Architects now attempt to make buildings which claim such absence, yet rest on the very heart of structure. Architects are liars.

The integrity protected on the Enterprise, NCC 1701-D by the infamous "Structural Integrity Field."

This field is supposedly what keeps the Enterprise and its gallant crew from collapsing when it jumps to warp speed like a helium filled latex balloon aged ten days and poked with a needlepoint. Preserving structural integrity is probably a good idea, but I don't know who owns it.

Strangely, the structural integrity field has collapsed (or come close to collapsing) an astonishing number of times in the recorded service period for said Enterprise.

I, for one think it would be pretty amusing to see the Enterprise collapse that way, but in all the years of service for the USS Enterprise, such a thing has not happened, despite repeated attempts at crushing the protective field.

Maybe it's just Star Trek Hippies' "good vibes."

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