The repressed state of feeling limited by the (often illogical) mores of society into which most people (Americans, at least) seem to enter as they transition toward adulthood. The transition is a gradual process, with the most strongly unaccepted practices (such as public nudity) being eliminated first, but is rarely fully realized until after college when people seem to feel obliged to start "acting like grown-ups". Generally, this means forgetting how to have a good time.

Of course, not everyone falls into this trap. As with all generalizations, there are exceptions.

Having children of my own helped me escape this trap. With the help of my kids I once again learned how cool Dr Suess is, how to play Chutes and Ladders, how wonderful wet grass feels on bare feetand how much fun can be had making sand castles. Nudity is still an issue I'm struggling with, as I love being skyclad myself, but am not quite sure how to handle it as my children get older.

I love my toys and gadgets. I love talking about cartoons and old kids shows. I can carry on a conversation with a 10 year old on video games and comic books as much as I can carry on a business meeting with partners.

My wife, however, thinks that this is a sign of me not maturing...which I find absolutely ridiculous. Oh, well...that's her problem...when my kids grow older, they'll think of me as the coolest dad because I'm not stuffy.

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