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The linguistic practice (common in English but even easier in German, and to a lesser extent, in Japanese) of chaining suffixes onto the end of a word, such that they become redundant. Examples abound in the media and can be reconstructed easily, such as paralyze --> paralyzify --> paralyzification --> paralyzificationism. Of course, this example is contrived and silly, but you know what I'm talking about.

Update: Here's a funny blurb from The Onion on the topic:

Boxing promoter Don King described himself as "outrighteously mesmerated" by a deli sandwich served to him at the Treasure Island Casino's VIP dining room Saturday. "The meatumental pastramification of this pumpernickelously toastified bread was augmentized by slatherification in sumptuous Switzerlander cheesiness," raved King following the meal, "and expertaciously mayonnaised by a condimental Hellmanifestation of sandwich-Kraft-Miracle-Whiplash proportions that thrillified me down to my delicatesticles."

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