A sugar cube is a teaspoon of sugar compressed into a geometric cube, much like one of the Monopoly dice, and normally dispensed in drinks. The cube makes it easy to measure out how many teaspoons are used, which can be quite useful for diabetic tea drinkers who do not tolerate artificial sweeteners well.

Sugar itself has several interesting properties, including being used to prevent infection in open wounds during the American Civil War. Because of these properties, one can use sugar in many novel ways. I've used it to sooth a burnt tongue after eating a flaming hot piece of cheese pizza. If you like champaigne cocktails, just put a few drops of bitters directly on a sugar cube and drop it in your champaigne flute. Dropping a cube into your cheese container will prevent mold and putting one in your Tupperware will prevent mold and mildew. I usually toss in a couple when storing cookies to keep them from going stale.

Sugar cubes also make great materials to craft buildings for elementary school projects or as disappearing projectiles to throw at your younger siblings while they're swimming. If you're really vindictive, the little cubes can fit into many gas tank filler necks to destroy gasoline engines used by your enemies.

Iron Noder 2017

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