The cold tipped glass is inward blown
Shining hard, like sun punched snow
Deceives the prey and masks the sound
Of dainty steel-caps crashing down

The dazzled prey turns round to fight
But Flash! Bang! loses sight
Deceived anew and out of touch
Staggers, stumbles and loses lunch

"Freeze" The femme fatale decries
And so the helpless prey complies
She's two big guns that fill her hands
And holds in an aggressive stance

"Who are you?" Coughs the kneeling prey
Whose luck, it seems, ran out today
She holsters one, and lights a smoke
Settling down, while he still chokes

She waits a time, without a word
While distant siren song is heard
"You've not much time" He tries to say
Still dizzy from the flash grenade

"I've all *I* need" she calmly flips
Through sexy smoke obscured lips
"So do it then you crazy bitch"
She smirks or smiles, he can't tell which

The shadows hide her inner thoughts
Her hands are now the louder voice
His eyes are ears, and hear by sight
Exits are blocked... It's fight... Or fight

An outmatched battle is begun
She fights without resort to gun
Spins and twists, avoids the blows
Ducking, weaving, bending low

She sends a wide leg swinging back
To hear the satisfying crack
Of a dainty steel-cap striking head
And the outclassed hunted, falling, dead

She pulls a drag, and looks about
Takes the time to stubb it out
Seeing no-one, strides, then runs
Leaping, bounding, towards the sun

The dead man's blood pools on the floor
Unseeing eyes stare out the door
While cold tipped glass had ceased to glow
Dimmed and dulled, like blood drenched snow

Mine! - Carbon dating will serve as copyright proof 2005'GCE (Gregorian Common Era)

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