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Lying in the grass, the summer heat restricted, the beautiful clouds float past. The paradise that is the Pacific Northwest during summer. Without a cloud in the sky, it would be unbearably hot. But we're close to the water, close enough. Instead, the clouds, wispy, white, peaceful; the clouds float past. They stay low, for this is not overcast weather. Were it that, the clouds would be present at a much higher altitude. No, your back pressed against the grass, you can clearly make out each individual cloud as it presses onwards across the blue sky.

Low and fast-moving, the clouds often have gaps. Sunbreaks. These days are serene, even the cities seem to slow a little to appreciate the newfound perfection. Instead of a brilliant glare from the sun attacking retinas from every angle, the selective spacing leaves you time to avert your eyes. Being in the path of these spots of light affords you temporary warmth.

Similarly, in the depths of winter, the clouds perform this same phenomenon. It happens less often or is not as emphasized, as the sun as at a very low angle from the south horizon.

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