Seeds of the sunflower. Once roasted and salted, they make a tasty snack. Separating the hulls from the edible kernels requires oral dexterity and is a learned skill. Prized by followers of the Atkins Diet for their low carbohydrate content.

Here's the method I currently use:

  1. Throw a seed into your mouth using your hand. You will not be using the hand for a while, so don't hold it near your mouth (unless you are pretty fast at this, and you want to hold the used shells)
  2. Maneuver the seed towards your molars.
  3. Align the seed so that it either points forwards or backwards, and rotated so that it stands vertically (the pointier edges point up and down).
  4. Clench the seed in this position between two molars, so that the seed rests in the grooves.
  5. Bite down ever so gently, until the seed cracks open.
  6. Do it some more, until the shell is completely split.
  7. Now, there are two situations which may occur with the seed:
    • Nut is stuck to a half of the shell. Move the side with the payload to the front of your mouth, and dig the contents out using the edge of your top front tooth (either one). Continue...
    • Nut is released completely. Continue...
  8. Now you have three objects in your mouth. Two of them must leave out the front of your mouth, and the other must be chewed, then leave out the back. Do not mix up the objects!
  9. You must move the shells to the front of your mouth before masticating the content. Once they have been moved, you have two options:
    • Spit out the shells. This can be difficult for two reasons: You may miss, and you may also accidentally spit out the payload (all that work for nothing!). So, be careful.
    • Use your hand and grasp the shells. No fun, but it works reliably.
  10. So, if you've made it this far, you can congratulate yourself by chewing on that puny little nut, and swallowing. If you're not careful, you will be caught in an endless loop of eating seeds. I'm not sure if this is a bad thing or not.

What is good about this method is that one hand can hold your "spittoon", and
the other can grab seeds. If you're really good, you can go for the hamster
method, and hold seeds in the side of your mouth as you eat them one by one!

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