A "Superdoc" is a document that has Everything's embedded perl functionality. Something that looks like this:


    "hello $$USER{title}!";

Would print out "Hello nate!" on my screen... or whoever was browsing the site. These chunks of embeddible perl behave like perl functions -- usually they concatenate a string that is then returned and embedded in the document.

Superdocs are a great way to write CGI scripts, because it allows us to create nodes like Page of Cool or Everything's Best Users... and I can code them up and debug them right in my browser.

Superdocs also have the ability to call chunks of htmlcode -- these are nodes which are reusable chunks of embeddable perl and can optionally take parameters:


would create a textfield that would let you edit the current node's title -- provided (of course) that you had the correct permissions.

Updated Wed Apr 26 2000 at 11:46 utc

At first I thought superdoc are PerlScript documents. But that just showed I am very windows centric and have bad memory. PerlScript uses <%...code...%> whereas Apache web server Mod_Perl uses [%...code...%].

Other than providing the power to call CGI, superdoc also allows the blessed E2 noder to:

You can list the superdocs on E2 using Everything Document Directory. The list indicated that Everything 2 Editors (such as pi and bozon) also have the powers to create superdoc not just the gods and best users of E2 Castes. You could also see that many of the older superdocs below Everything Time Search are really due to the size limitation of E1 nodes.

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