Glue that is really strong and works instantly. If super-glue would glue everything as well as it glues fingers, we would never need any other kind of glue again.

Superglue is also the name of a kick-ass garage-synth-pop-punk band from Boston, MA. They have a Weezer-ish like catchiness with added synthesizers. They are on Fork In Hand Records along with Big D and the Kids Table, Drexel and the Sellouts.
they are very cool.

How to get superglue off of your hands

I’ll just say it - If you have gotten superglue on your fingers you are pretty much doomed. There are ways to get it off, but it will not be quick or easy.

Don’t panic! Superglue won’t harm your skin. Once the superglue is on your fingers it is best not to try to wipe it off. You will just get stuck to whatever you are wiping with. Wait for the superglue to dry.

Once the superglue is dry soak your fingers (or whatever part of you has superglue on it) in warm soapy water. If you have it, soak your fingers in nail polish remover. (Nail polish remover's main ingredient is acetone, which works as a solvent.) This will loosen the bond between the glue and your skin.

Now dry off your fingers and rub them together to loosen the glue some more. At this point you should be able to start peeling the glue off of your fingers. Do this slowly so you don’t rip your skin off.

In most cases, you can do nothing and the superglue will wear off eventually as the oil from your skin lifts it. If the superglue gets in your eyes or mouth rinse with water for 10 -15 minutes and seek medical attention. Do not use nail polish remover as it will irritate your eyes and should not be ingested!! (Duh.)

To prevent glue from sticking to your skin try putting on some lotion before you work with it. Be careful though…if the lotion gets onto whatever you are trying to glue it will have the same effect it had on your fingers - it won’t stick.

On a side note - Sometimes having super glue on your fingers isn’t so bad. I have heard of guitarists using it so they don’t cut their fingers up on the guitar strings. doyle says "habitual barefooted folks sometimes use it to bond cracks that develop in our leathery soles". ke6isf says "Superglue also works as an ad hoc bandaid as well - sometimes better. In fact, I think that's what its original use was."

Also see Krazy Glue.

The heel came off my shoe.

I'm in no position to buy new shoes because, 1: I'm poor as dirt1; 2: Decent shoes are expensive; 3: There's practically no shoes that fit me on this benighted island anyway.

So as I limped the rest of the way to the shops and back home again (leading me to mistakenly believe the lesson for the week would be "flat soles cease to provide comfortable walking when your heel is lower than the rest of the foot") I decided it was time for superglue. I had to wad up some tape and jam it into the hole left by the heel to stick the orphaned shoe component back on just so I could go and get some glue the next day – but I got the glue in the end, and that's what matters.

So: Glue all over the heel, wedge the thing in, and hmmm… I need to make sure it bonds properly. I know! I'll put the shoe on! Yes, that will work… So I stood there for a couple of minutes, putting all my weight onto the heel, and it bonded really well to the shoe.

…And the shoe bonded really well to my foot.

The magnitude of having my plans come unstuck by meeting such a sticky end had me laughing uncontrollably. This meant I then had to explain why I was cackling madly at a volume that could be heard throughout the house, and believe me, is it ever difficult to say "I glued my shoe to my foot" with a straight face2.

Luckily for me, it was only a spot of glue, and because I freeze up in the slightest chill3 I was wearing tights – so it was easy enough to fix by simply working my finger into the shoe and pressing on the join – the fibres broke and everything was fine.

Moral of the story: Be careful with superglue, or you'll end up sticking yourself to something you don't want to – A lesson I should have already learned from watching Road Runner cartoons.

Now, what can I glue to the ceiling4?

  1. In fact, I'm as poor as that filthy, smelly sludge full of stones, insects and bits of twigs that the rich dirt in the good neighbourhood looks down on.
  2. The only thing more difficult is saying "It was the Goodyear blimp" with a straight face when you are, in fact, telling the truth.
  3. For example, engaging in such winter activities as "opening the fridge" makes me so cold I feel pain.
  4. What could possibly go wrong!?

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