A piercing which goes almost parallel to the skin. Most piercings are fairly perpendicular to the tissue being pierced, so being able to pierce flat areas of skin opens up the body to a number of ways of adornment. A few common named surface piercings: Surface piercings are not a typical procedure, and only skilled (or foolhardy) piercers will perform them. The healing period is fairly long and difficult, and they tend to come out due to rejection. Barbells or curved barbells, the usual body jewelry for most surface piercings in the past, put pressure on the skin above, leading to its eventual migration. Flexible jewelry is slightly better as it can move with the body, but still tends to migrate. Recently, piercers have been using surface bars, which virtually eliminate migration. This is apparently the way to go. Numerous pictures of all the types of surface piercings can be seen through BME at http://www.bmezine.com/pierce/11-surface/bme-pg11.html

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