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A sweater vest is basically a v-necked sweater without sleeves. Geeks have come to view them as the ultimate fashion accessory. However I do believe sweater vests went out of style during the Kennedy administration. Unlike the Kennedy era’s obsession with smartly matching solids, more often then not you’ll find someone today wearing an argyle sweater vest over top a plaid shirt. Don’t do this, okay?

But you know, you see this sweater vest get up so much you begin to think “Am I wrong? Am I wrong in thinking sweater vests are only the geekiest thing a man can wear? I mean you’re already committed to wearing a sweater. Why not go the whole nine yards and get something with sleeves?” Even worse you see men wearing sweater vests with short sleeved shirts. Do you really need to keep your arms that cool and your torso that warm? You want to shout at them with the same sort of blood curdling frustrating scream when you see the socks with sandals thingy. Like “GUY DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE THEORY OF OPEN-TOED FOOTWEAR?”

Right. Okay. Men. Put them sweater vests into the very back of your closet. Some place where the moths can get to them.

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