I knew my husband talked in his sleep prior to marrying him. After he had proposed and I said yes, even though there was no ring because he needed $5000 to fix the roof of his house; my daughter and I moved in. One night, a week or so before the wedding, I woke to hear him having a conversation.

The first thing he said was "What wedding???" and my stomach sank. He was quiet, as if listening, then said, "Oh, I guess we better wash the cats!"

Over the years, I've heard partial lectures on the life cycle of monarch butterflies, how to build your own aquarium, global warming in Greenland, as well as fragments of odd conversations or arguments he is having with somebody not in the bed.

When I think about it, he talks more in his sleep than when he's awake. The saddest was when he talked in the voice of a young boy to his Dad who had died, just wanting him to come back.

Last night we had a disagreement and I huffed off to drown my stupid emotions in sappy Christmas movies on TV; I went to sleep early without making up.

Around 3am, I woke to his voice saying rather happily and sarcastically, "Ho Ho Ho, you can't fool me with that chicken suit you're wearing. Nice attempt at a disguise but you forgot the feathers and I can see the zipper." Then he turned over, and fell back asleep. I lay there, wide awake, thinking love and marriage are never what you expect.

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