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Systitis (also spelled cystitis) is a bacterial infection of some part of the urinary tract. This is usually the bladder but may also be an infection of the urethra, ureter or kidneys.

About one in five women will contract a form of systitis at some point. The symptoms are: burning urination, a need to urinate more frequently, difficulty in urinating, urine that smells bad or has blood in it (sorry), or back discomfort. If the infection spreads to the kidneys, it may cause more severe back pain, and fever.

A round of antibiotics will clear up systitis in about three to seven days - or, if you're a hippie, you can try yarrow or goldenrod.

- Note: Webster 1913 prefers the spellng "cystitis" - I'm not sure if this is a case of Webster being outdated (what are the odds on THAT, ha) or both spellings being acceptable - regardless, I checked several medical databases, and the S spelling is legit.

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