A busy day at work last Thursday meant that I missed supper. Back at home I dropped my things near the bookcase, sighing when I saw there was nothing but Taco Bell leftovers in the fridge. Without turning around my husband mentioned that the food in the bag was mine. Earlier that evening my youngest daughter had insisted on saving half of her meal for me. Tears blurred my vision as I carried my plate into the computer room. I ate slowly, thinking about how things that I've done recently have affected Jane and her life

The next morning Jane's still sleepy face was serious when she told me that her father had mentioned I probably wouldn’t be home the previous night. Desperately I hugged Jane tighter; crying as I listened to her telling me that she knew I would be home to eat the taco she had carried home. Someone I know has made it his mission to give everything you have to everyone you know. Jane's idea of saving food for others makes me wonder what life would be like if people would give half of what they have to everyone they love. Thanks for the taco Jane. It was perfect.

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