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People are refusing to work.

B says it's because the dam US gummint guv too much money to the peoples.

I don't agree. I think people have been home for 18 months, some of them, and have discovered that not working for a pittance is a pretty nice gig. They like their kids. They have redecorated the house. They have painted everything. They have invented science projects with gummi bears and learned how to play an instrument. They have gone inside. Now the boss wants them back at the job that didn't support them and they say... why? Why should I? Why would I? Also Covid-19 is not only not gone but the Delta variant is worse, more virulent and busily enacting population control. I do think the viruses are smarter than we are. When Mother Earth gets pissed off, watch out. Floods and draughts, famines and locusts. The rain of frogs is next, I think. I'd better check my bible. Luckily I really like frogs, often better than people.

I think overall the peoples have appreciated the gummint money. And nearly everyone has tightened their belts, learned how to use zoom, decided they'd better figure out exercise after gaining the home 20 pounds and listened to a lot of music or podcasts or Ted talks or movies or whatever.

I worked until March 20, 2021. I'm still working but now I am working at writing and at flute, guitar, voice and violin. Banjo, piano, reed organ and bass are in the pipeline. Heh. My nascent band is Oppositional Defiance. So far it's just me, but I am writing lots of songs. I write weird songs when hypoxic. With rhymes.

I think learning to sit on the porch is a good thing. The Medicorporate Machine has been giving mindfulness classes: stop and breathe for one minute and then go back to your impossible killer schedule. Nope. Not me. It's nearly killed me four times. I am more vulnerable than your average bear, but I am the canary in the coal mine. When I fall over it's just the start of the domino pattern. Holy cats. I am watching the job offers that I get by email. Highest ever was 500K a year for Family Practice in Texas about 5 years ago. But recently one came at 350K, some east coast state. And now the first really desperate high pay one in Washington: 300K a year. That is 300K plus benefits... when I tried to figure out how to hire a partner, the benefits are about 1/3 of the cost. The hiring organization pays for malpractice, continuing medical education (at least 2K yearly for travel and classes), memberships in the AAFP and whatever, medical license, DEA, and then all the overhead. It all adds up. If we lowball and say only 1/4, then that 300K is really 400K from the viewpoint of the employer and either they are going to work the doc to death or they are going to lose money. And docs are sick of being worked to death. The ones in the big hospitals are seeing nurses and docs die of covid and commit suicide and retire and quit. One southern hospital, the mecca for that state, is 167 nurses short. The limiting factor is not beds. It is medical assitants, LPNs, RNs and docs are quitting too. From despair, anger and exhaustion. The fallout of the unvaccinated. That is the last straw, really, to have people coming in and dying like flies when it is preventable. We just want to give up. What don't you understand about we don't want you to die? Go ahead, don't get vaccinated, but then don't come to the ER. Stay home. Intubate each other. Whatever.

https://constitutioncenter.org/interactive-constitution/blog/on-this-day-the-supreme-court-rules-on-vaccines-and-public-health This is interesting, isn't it? So there is a precedent to mandate vaccines that the Supreme Court has upheld more than once. Why aren't we doing this? Too many guns in the US? Let nature take her course? It's an interesting question.

Stay in your bunker and hunker, lunkers and spelunkers, or be a lunger. Take care. Be careful out there....

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