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In the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for Dungeons and Dragons, the tanarukka are a humanoid race which originated as orc-demon crossbreeds in the region around Hellgate Keep/Ascalhorn. However, years of dwelling on Faerûn has led to their being regarded as a separate species, rather than simply as tieflings. They're nasty, brutish and short, as the saying goes, and not necessarily terribly blessed with intelligence. They are, however, extremely dangerous fighters. They can often be found acting as muscle for cambions and other fiend-related creatures. 'Tanarukk' is plainly a hybrid of 'Tanar'ri' and 'Uruk'.

Tanarukka first appeared in Hellgate Keep, a module by Steven E Schend, and subsequently in the Monsters of Faerûn supplement.

Addendum, 11/02/02: Sean K Reynolds of Wizards of the Coast has released an erratum stating that tanarukk, although of the type 'outsider', are also of the subtype 'orc'.

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