In 1996, another new sub-genre of jungle (or is it called drum n bass?) reared its head and called itself 'techstep'. One of the many flavors in the pie that is jungle; Hardstep, darkside (darkstep?), jump-up, ragga, breakbeat, trip hop, and many more. Ed Rush and DJ Trace created a dark sound, with heavy drum rolls and timbre crashes.

Getting its roots from darkside jungle, techstep has a dirge-like death-funk characterized by harsh industrial timbres and bludgeoning 'butcher's block' beats. The style was born into the world by Ed Rush and DJ Trace, who shaped the sound in tandem with engineer DJ Nico of the No U-Turn label. --http://www.descend urn/intrview/int_s rey.html

Other Techstep DJ's: Doc Scott, Dom and Roland, Boymerang, E-Sassin, Cyborgz and Optical

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