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To recruit via telephone. Not to be confused with telemarketing, which is selling or soliticing via telephone. Telerecruitment tends to be used by the non-profit organizations of the world (for example, Canadian Blood Services or the Red Cross).

Those called by telerecruiters should strive to remain polite and not become overly abrasive and/or rude, as the people on the other end of the line are just that: people. They are also not selling you anything, just trying to do their job for a good cause. One easy way to tell a telerecruiter apart from a telemarketer is that they will often use your first name when calling. This happens because more times than not they have your full name on record from a previous donation, etc. instead of calling you from a page ripped out of the white pages of a phone book.

However, if you ever wish not to be called by these telerecruiters anymore, simply ask them politely to not call you anymore and have them put you on their "no call" list. This will ensure you are not disturbed unless there is an emergency policy change or other vital piece of information to be passed along.

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